Insecure Strengths

A place to let my ideas and thoughts out, instead of letting them strangle me alive.


tawnythelionmommy said: I love you and I promise to come see you soon

I love you too! ;__;

My brother is talking on the computer next room over and I just wanna sleep and think up plots and stories in my head. Also these are the times I love autocorrect cause my fat thumbs can’t type well on my iPod like if you knew half the stuff I was actually typing you’d think I’d gone mad.


tawnythelionmommy replied to your post:And now I feel sickly.
If I were closer I’d bring you soup and rub your back until you felt better

Weird…my comment didn’t show up on my last post… Anyways I know you would. Cause you’re the best. Thank you, I’m trying to take it easy in hopes it goes away as quickly as it came. One can hope! Maybe I’ll make my own soup today.

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